Producer of small and medium packages for soap

Business: Printmasta / Offer: Cardboard box for soap packaging

Soap often includes oils which clean and nourish the skin. However, the use of oil makes it a bit difficult for find a proper packaging, as the cardboard needs to be resistant for water and oily ingredients. Such requirements are met by small and medium-sized boxes from Printmasta. The company makes soap packages with imprint, available in wholesale and retail numbers. Thanks to the fact that the company uses small batch printing, production is smooth and fast. Do you offer non-standard-sized soap? No problem! You just need to provide all details regarding your order in an email, and the experts will do everything to make the result of work satisfactory. You can also choose from over a hundred ready blanking dies, among which you might find a proper protection to your product. Cardboard boxes from Printmasta can have any imprint on. It is usually a logo and a small graphic mark referring to how the soap works or its ingredients.

Company information

Name: Printmasta
Address: Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18
02-561 Warszawa, mazowieckie

NIP: 5213211551

Telephone: + 48 48602102158


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